Host Your Own Fundraiser


When you host your own fund-raiser for Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation, you are helping people affected by breast cancer in the Hudson Valley AND giving friends and family the chance to have fun! Look at some of the fundraising events that have been organized to benefit Miles of Hope!

Here is how to get started

Before you begin: Read the Guidelines for Hosting a Fund-raising Event. Then if you decide you would like to host a simple and straightforward fund-raiser, come back here for information and fundraising ideas. For people who wish to host a more involved and/or larger scale fundraising event, the Guidelines include information on how to proceed.

Step 1: Figure out which type of fund-raiser you want to host. It might be a special day at a salon, an auction (silent or live), a bake sale, a birthday party, a sporting event — use your imagination to come up with ways to raise money and get everyone involved. Look at these current and past fund-raisers for ideas!

Past Fundraising Ideas:

Having a wedding or birthday, but don’t want a pile of gifts? Invite your family and friends to donate to Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation instead of sending gifts. Download this template you can use to give your guests an option making a donation to Miles of Hope instead of bringing gifts.

Step 2: Tell Miles of Hope. Fill in our contact form to tell us about your fundraising event, or give us a call at 845-264-2005. We would love to hear from you! If your fund-raiser is public, we will announce it on our website (as a blog post) and post it on Facebook and Twitter. Larger public fundraising events may be announced in our email newsletter.

Step 3: Get Ready: Browse our website to learn about Miles of Hope so you can tell your friends why you support us. Learn exactly where the donations are going.

Step 4: When your fundraising event is over, tell us how it went! Send photos and we will put an article about you on our news blog and Facebook page.

Using the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation name: If you want to make Miles of Hope your beneficiary charity and want to use our name, you may say that the proceeds will be donated to Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation. Please make checks payable to “Miles of Hope” or “Miles of Hope BCF” and mail them to:

Miles of Hope BCF
P.O. Box 405
Lagrangeville, NY 12540

If you own a small business that is selling a product and donating an amount from your sales, please contact us for instructions . . . and thank you! Here are some past and current business examples:

  • Salons and Spas
  • Product Launch Party
  • Oil Change
  • Bowling
  • Vehicle Decorations: Fuel Truck | Courtesy Car