SOLD OUT Dinner for Hope at The Kitchen Sink on October 28, 2015

kitchen-sinkThis event is sold out

A special multi-course tasting dinner with beverage pairing (including wine, beer & cider) will be held in honor of the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation on Wednesday, October 28, at 6 PM at the hottest new restaurant in Beacon, NY, The Kitchen Sink, at 157 Main Street.

Brian Arnoff, owner and chef, will be offering a farm-to-table menu from his family farm to 22 patrons at $150/person with a $100 per meal donation to Miles of Hope.

Click to make your reservation now or call 845.765.0240 for information.

“Brian just opened his restaurant and already it is a tough reservation to get,” explained Pari Forood, Executive Director of Miles of Hope. “His cooking is innovative and uses the best of the Hudson Valley produce and bounty to create unforgettable meals. He is excited to create a dining experience for 22 lucky patrons at his new restaurant in Beacon, and we are honored to be the recipient of his great talent!”

Visit the Kitchen Sink’s website