Marist Wins MAAC Goodworks Award – Donates to Miles of Hope

Marist_Student_CenterThe Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) has announced Marist College as the winner of the 2014-2015 MAAC Goodworks Challenge for the third consecutive year. As a result of winning this year’s challenge, Marist College has received a $1,000 donation, which will be made to the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Red Foxes athletic administrators, student-athletes, coaches, and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) took part in 54 community service events and earned over 6,300 points in the academic year. Marist’s largest amount of volunteered hours in the 2014-15 challenge went to Haviland Middle School Sportsmanship Day, over the course of two days, small groups of student-athletes went to the middle school to speak with each gym class about being a college athlete, the importance of academics, and good sportsmanship. Over 100 student-athletes from different teams participated in this event.

Other great events included the Hagan GREAT USA (Girls Reading Enthusiastically across the USA) program, in which female student athletes from lacrosse, rowing, and volleyball went to Hagan five times during the spring semester to help girls with homework after school and then play games. The entire volleyball team went one week and did a volleyball lesson along with a week when a lacrosse athlete did a lacrosse demonstration.

The Hagan Project Mobile was a similar event in which male student athletes did five sessions with students throughout the spring semester. Along with the different programs, the women’s basketball team and men’s football team did elementary and middle school visits at Violet Elementary School, Haviland Middle School, and LaGrange Middle School to talk about college and academics as well as do drills and learning activities about their respective sports.

Other events throughout the year included visits to the Poughkeepsie Children’s Home, Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, the Girl Scout Sport Sampler, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity’s Make a difference Day, Bonnie’s Boxes, and the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.

“Our student-athletes devoted so much time and effort and I’m so proud of them for that.” said Marist Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement, Alyssa Gates. “Also the Miles of Hope Foundation is a great organization that we’re happy to have worked with in the past and I’m excited that they’re receiving the donation. They do outstanding work in our community.”