Giving Tuesday – the people who are helped by your donations

collagePhyllis: “Today I received a check for $246.85 from Miles of Hope which was the cost of my transportation to Memorial Sloan Kettering for my cancer treatments. Thank you so much for interceding on my behalf. This has all been an enormous help.”

Genevieve: “I am profoundly grateful for the assistance in helping me to have my port removed. After working for IBM for 30 years, losing my job, then benefits…. Then I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I did not have money to pay the doctor for the port removal. MOH helped me. With tears I send this thanks.

Kathleen: “Thank you very much for the assistance with my radiation co-pays. This has been a silver lining and I am forever grateful”.

Middletown: “ Thank you for the $1000 for the Bottini oil (reduced MOH rate). I had no hot water or heat for 45 days!

Newburgh: “Thank you for the $100 that you paid to my landlord. You staved off my eviction!”

New Windsor “Thank you MOH for the $206.42 for the copays for my oral chemo”

Annemarie: “I am 73 yo taking care of my 80 year old husband with brain cancer. Thank you for the money for the copays for my treatment. We are on a fixed income and I  was afraid we would lose our home with all of the bills”.

Bonnie: “ I am in the middle of chemo and unable to work so I was let go. I am so grateful to MOH for paying my rent. THANK YOU!”

Dawn: “ A friend of mine found this foundation for me and I TRULY thank you for helping me out with my prescriptions. It is bad enough to walk this walk without having to worry about how I will pay for treatment”. Thank you MOH.

Help us this holiday season to help more of our friends and neighbors needing financial assistance. Click one of the links below to make a donation.