How To Raise Money for Us

Basic Fundraiser – Go for it!

Use your imagination and let us know if you need brochures or our logo for your promotional materials! When your event is done, we will send a press release on your success, thanking you!

Larger Event

We can help plan, provide our logo, brochures, add you to our online event calendar, provide you with a Basket of Hope (door prize, etc). Suggested donation = $500

Larger Event/Merchandise Sales

Same general premise as #2 with an added email blast to our general list. Feel free to sell merchandise and advertise that a portion will go to Miles of Hope. Suggested donation = $1000

Larger Still

A sporting event or tournament that requires Miles of Hope staff commitment includes all from #3 as well as publicity support. Suggested donation = $2500

Major Fundraiser

A grand scale event that requires the involvement of our Executive Director, Bookkeeper, volunteers, etc. All support above is included. Suggested donation = $5000

Before you start planning a new fundraising event, you may consider joining an existing Miles of Hope annual event: Hoops for Hope, Family 5k Run, Annual Spring Brunch, Goals for Hope, The Community Walk for Breast Cancer, or Hits for Hope.

More details on organizing an event