2016 Miles of Hope Hudson Valley Community Walk for Breast Cancer

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The 2016 Miles of Hope Hudson Valley Community Walk for Breast Cancer will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2016, (9:00am- 1:00pm) at James Baird State Park in Pleasant Valley, NY [map].

Eventbrite - Miles of Hope Hudson Valley Community Walk for Breast Cancer

Come and join us for Miles of Hope’s oldest event: 2016 Miles of Hope Hudson Valley Community Walk for Breast Cancer! Our first Walk in 2003 was created to bring awareness to the need for breast cancer support programs in our region. To this day, Miles of Hope is the only Breast Cancer Foundation where all of the money raised stays in the Hudson Valley. This money directly funds support services and outreach to our families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. The Walk is not only a fundraiser, but a gathering of survivors, family members and caregivers. It attracts hundreds of people every fall who walk in honor of, in memory of and in support of friends and loved ones. Each year we honor an individual who has helped us help those affected by breast cancer. This year we are honoring Miles of Hope co-founder Dana Effron as she enters her 20th year of survivorship.

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Get your teams ready! Oil your strollers! Update your Contacts List! There will be prizes for:
  • Team with the Most Walkers
  • Team which Raises the Most Money
  • Individual who Raises the Most Money


Congratulations to our winners!


Team Shari won Team with the Most Walkers.
The Individual Who Raised the Most was Barry Rothfeld for Team Shari.


Peachy Keen won Team Who Raised the Most


Hudson Valley Community Walk for Breast Cancer Honoree

IMG_4147This year’s Honoree is none other than Miles of Hope Co-Founder, Dana Effron, who is celebrating her 20th year as a breast cancer survivor. Help us celebrate Dana and everyone affected by breast cancer in our Hudson Valley by walking on September 25, at James Baird State Park.

Remarks by Miles of Hope Executive Director, Pari Forood, on the occasion of Dana Effron receiving an award from the United Way:

Dana and I go way back. We decided, when we scanned our​ ​memories, that we have known each other about 25 years.​ ​And in that time, I can safely say, I have seen Dana emerge​ ​from her role as wife of one of Dutchess County​’​s most​ ​esteemed citizens and mother of wildly successful sons to a​ ​fully realized and intellectually rigorous person.​ ​As a volunteer on many boards and committees she gave​ ​herself to this community and became a leading figure in​ ​charities near and dear to her heart. They include: the​ ​Dutchess Arts Council, where she served as Fund Chairman​ ​and Vice President; New York Stage & Film, Hudson Valley​ ​Advisory Board; the American Red Cross; the Dutchess Golf​ ​&​ Country Club Women’s board; the Jewish Federation of​ ​Dutchess County; Temple Beth-El; the Jewish Community​ ​Center; Hospice of Dutchess County and the Mid-Hudson​ ​Hebrew Day School. Dana has also been a volunteer at​ ​Vassar Brothers Medical Center and the Dyson Center for​ ​Cancer Care. She and Ira are a fixture at most charity events​ ​generously supporting a myriad of causes and setting an​ ​example for us all.

Twenty years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer​ ​and that is when I think Dana had a bit of an epiphany. I​ ​have promised her I will not make this introduction a​ ​commercial about Miles of Hope because this award is given​ ​for all of her volunteer service throughout her 38 years in this​ ​community, however I will tell you that starting a breast​ ​cancer foundation 13 years ago is the crown jewel of her​ ​achievements.

I think Dana has always been fiercely independent and​ ​opinionated, some may disagree with me but to know her is​ ​to know her view on just about anything. This comes partly​ ​from being one of 4 sisters, all funny and proud and smart​ ​and strong but when she became a part of the sisterhood of breast cancer patients and then survivors, she found a​ ​kinship with a group that became more than family– they​ ​became the reason for stepping up and speaking out and​ ​advocating for those who needed her.

Many of you may not know this but Dana was an informal​ ​breast cancer consultant long before Miles of Hope. Women​ ​who were diagnosed would call her for advice, forcing her to​ ​see the need for a mentoring program in our area (more on​ ​that later). People would ask her opinion of doctors, medical​ ​facilities, and treatment options. They would tell her horror​ ​stories of women swamped by overwhelming health care​ ​bills or of their children in need of counseling and care. To​ ​address the problem, she raised funds through the Avon 3​ ​day Walk, and Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer​ ​Society only to wonder if help was getting to the friends, and​ ​neighbors who she knew so well.

I remember an e-mail from her not long after her treatment​ ​was completed, asking me to support her in the Avon walk​ ​which I did of course, and then a beautiful letter when it was​ ​over telling all of her supporters how much it had meant to​ ​her to walk over the bridge into NY soaked to the skin from​ ​rain, muddy and cold, with all of those women and men and​ ​children devastated, determined and certainly changed by​ ​breast cancer.

When she asked me to join her at Miles of Hope as​ ​Executive Director, I did not hesitate. My best friend​’​s mother​ ​had died of breast cancer and I was thrilled to help her and​ ​co-founder Cathy Varunok realize their dream of making a​ ​difference in our community one person at a time.​ ​ Thirteen years later, Miles of Hope has many fundraising events annually that encourage everyone from soccer moms​ ​to former college basketball stars to women in treatment to​ ​come out and walk, throw, kick and run with us as proactive​ ​ways to lessen the impact of breast cancer. We remember,​ ​support, and honor everyone touched by this disease. We​ ​have 4 pillar programs:​ ​scholarships for college-bound high​ ​school seniors; a peer to peer counseling service connecting recently diagnosed patients with trained survivors (Dana​ ​times 20); a complementary medicine​ ​program funding​ ​music, art, exercise, massage, and dance therapy and the Medical Gap Care fund for help with a financial emergency​ ​not covered by insurance. To date, Miles of Hope, which was just a good idea 13 years ago, has given away over $1.5 million dollars to programs for people affected by breast cancer within the Hudson Valley.

We like to say that no one with breast cancer in the 8​ ​counties of the Hudson Valley is alone, they have us. And​ ​that is her legacy to this community and that is why Alexis de​ ​Tocqueville, if he were alive today and writing about​ ​Americans and philanthropy, would cite you, Dana as a​ ​reason our country is worthy of attention and praise and​ ​awe.

Since she started Miles of Hope, Dana and Ira in 2005​ ​received the Family of the Year Award from Family Services,​ ​and Dana received the BMW Local Hero Award and the​ ​Marist College President’s Award.

In 2009, Dana and Ira were honored by the Community​ ​Foundation of Dutchess County. Most recently, Dana and​ ​Cathy Varunok received the inaugural Spirit of​ ​Empowerment award from the Southern Dutchess Chamber​ ​of Commerce, and they were selected by Hudson Valley​ ​Magazine for their issue recognizing 35 people who have left​ ​a legacy to the Hudson Valley.

Dana would shoot me if I did not tell you how important her​ ​family is to her. Sharing her life is her husband, Ira, and their​ ​children Sam, Savannah, Jonathan and Jaci and their​ ​adorable and adoring grandchildren Ziva, Ari and the twins Silas and Nomi.

Eventbrite - Hudson Valley Community Walk for Breast Cancer

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