New Breast Cancer Car is Rolling!

dottieDottie is new and improved!

Four years ago, Mike Mullaney, CEO of the family owned and operated Hudson Cadillac Buick GMC came to the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation with an idea. He wanted to honor and remember his sister who had died of breast cancer by designating the official dealership courtesy car in her memory. The car was named Dottie after Mike’s sister and decorated with Miles of Hope bright pink logos. It became a Hudson Valley star driving people to their destinations while bringing attention and donations to Miles of Hope and breast cancer.
The drivers always reported that people either honked to show their support or waved or rolled down their windows at stop lights and thanked them for highlighting an important health crisis and the foundation that helps people affected by breast within the Hudson Valley.
And now a new Dottie (see photo) is gracing the roadways of our area. A new 2014 GMC Acadia with Miles of Hope logos is driving around town attracting attention and reminding everyone that Miles of Hope is here for anyone who needs us.
“People are thrilled to get in the car and to get picked up in her!” explained Mike Mullaney. “She is a happy as well as helpful reminder that we need to be proactive about breast cancer by encouraging women to have an annual mammogram.”

Miles of Hope Executive Director Pari Forood further explained: “Mike is a dedicated member of our team; he is on our Board of Directors and our Executive Committee and a generous supporter. We are honored to have Dottie running around Dutchess County reminding people to take care of themselves and get a mammogram.”
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have highlighted research embraced by all major cancer organizations showing that cancer risk can be reduced by leading a healthy lifestyle.
“By following 5 simple life style choices, women and men can reduce their cancer risk: daily exercise, keep body mass index at NIH approved levels, eat fruits and vegetables, one alcoholic beverage a day, quit smoking,” Ms. Forood explained.
“The Dragon Boat Race and Festival coming up on July 5th is a new event, established in collaboration with Dutchess Tourism and Arts Mid-Hudson,” Ms. Forood added. “Come to the Hudson River Rowing Association Boathouse– Dottie will be there!”