A Wonderful Story


L-R Kathleen Regan, Henrietta Rackl, Lynn Mckenna, Patricia Coughlin, Candy Ireland, Kevin McKenna, Miles of Hope ED Pari Forood

Last year, during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, Kevin McKenna of Tree Top Lane in the town of Poughkeepsie decided he wanted to spend an entire year collecting money for an organization that helps people with cancer. Maybe it was because his father is a survivor, or maybe it was because as a pitcher on the Arlington High School baseball team he was wearing pink shoe laces, but for whatever reason, Kevin started asking his neighbors on Tree Top Lane to give him their returnable bottles and cans to return to Oasis Discount Beverage.
Last night, Kevin, now a freshman at Mt. St. Mary College, handed Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation Executive Director, Pari Forood, a check for $1250 (slightly more than the number on the large check as one more deposit was made!) surrounded by his mom and his female neighbors (see photo).

“This was a one man show,” Kevin’s father, Dennis, explained. “Kevin did this on his own and we are very proud of him.”

At the celebration pizza party at Giacomo’s on Spackenkill Road, Kevin explained that he knew he wanted to do something for a local cancer organization and when he heard about Miles of Hope, it inspired him.
“One of my neighbors has breast cancer,” he explained, “and I knew that Miles of Hope helps people right here in Dutchess County, so I decided to raise money for them. It also made sense as it is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.”

At the dinner, Ms. Forood, explained to the Tree Top Lane residents that Miles of Hope funds support services for people affected by breast cancer within the 8 counties of the Hudson Valley.
“Kevin is an amazing person!” she said. “He took it upon himself to think of a way to raise money, and organized it over a year’s time. We are so impressed with this selfless and industrious young man, and very grateful for this donation. It will go directly to help people affected by breast cancer right here in our Hudson Valley.”